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About "Autumn on the Grassland"

It's fall and time to begin our seed harvest.  We wander the site under the guidance of the Orland Grassland Volunteers and collect seed from our native plants.  We have 1,000 acres to seed, and every precious seed counts.

About seed cleaning

Volunteers gather to clean all the native seed that’s been collected.  Sometimes we rub the seeds over hand-made screens; sometimes we pry them open with our fingers; and sometimes we use a hammer to split them open. Whatever it takes, we get the seeds ready and sorted for Grand Seeding Day, just a couple weeks later. After that, nature will work her winter magic on them: the seeds will  be denched and dried, frozen and thawed, until the spring sun tells them it’s time to take their rightful place in the open air.

About Grand Seeding Day

On this day, volunteers distribute all of the seed we’ve harvested and cleaned. When we gather in the parking lot, teams are formed to spread out over the site. Once in position, long lines of volunteers hand-shake priceless native wildflower and grass seeds into areas that are ready to receive them. Equipment is provided. 

Meetings & Events

Orland Grassland volunteers and enthusiasts have plenty to do within each of the seasons on the grassland, each with its own natural splendor.




7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Orland Park Civic Center

14750 So. Ravinia Ave.

Orland Park, IL

Public Volunteer Meetings cancelled for now.

2021 EVENTS-Public events cancelled for now.

Brats & Burn


9:00 til noon, gather on the west side of the site at 104th Avenue and Old 175th Street on Old Farm Road Trail.  Parking is across the street in the subdivisions. 


A celebration of our winter clearing season, we bring in brats and treats to enjoy around a big brush pile burn.  RSVP to Pat Hayes at  Free, best suited for those over 8 years old.  Dress for hiking in natural terrain and prepared for the weather in sturdy shoes, socks that cover the ankles.  Tools and guidance will be provided.



Hike the Nite


Time TBD, depending on sunset.  Meet up is at the parking lot on 167th Street just west of La Grange Road. 


Enjoy a night hike into the interior of the prairie, and all the sights, sounds and smells that are more striking at night.  Perhaps some stars?  Free, but RSVP if you can so we know how many flashlights and treats to bring for afterwards. The hike is best suited for those 8 years old and those steady on their feet in natural terrain.


Earth Day Celebration

9:00 til - noon, meet up at the 167th St parking lot just west of La Grange Road

In celebration of Earth Day, come on out and join the volunteers.  They will be tackling the ever-evil callery pear and can use all the helping hands they can get.  Suitable for 8 years old and older and people steady on their feet hiking in natural terrain.  Dress for be in prairie wilderness with sturdy shoes that can get muddy, socks over the ankles, pants that won't snag.  We will provide the tools and guidance  and tasty treats afterwards.  Please RSVP.  It's free, but it's good to know how many tools, and treats, to bring.


May-Day, May-Day

9:00 til noon, meet up at the 167th St. parking lot just west of La Grange Road.

We need every IL certified herbicider we can get to launch our attack on birdsfoot trefoil.  If you aren't an herbicider, we'll still have a job for you, never fear.  Please RSVP so we know how to plan for the day. 

Rolling In Clover

9:00 til noon, meet up is at 167th Street parking lot just west of La Grange Road.

Yellow and white sweet clover are the bad guys starting in June.  We wander the prairie like nomads in search of stands to get rid of.  What a view of the prairie we get in the process!  Best for those 8 years and older and those steady on their feet hiking in natural terrain.   Dress for the weather with sturdy shoes, socks over your ankles, and long pants that don't snag (jeans).  We provide the tools and guidance, and tasty treats afterwards.

It's TEAsel Time

9:00 til noon, meet up is at 167th Street parking lot just west of La Grange Road.

Teasel is yet another nasty invasive and it's time to tackle it.  We'll be working on this throughout our August workdays.  Since this is our TEAsel launch Saturday, we'll celebrate with High Tea, prairie style, afterwards.

Seed Cleaning

6:30 p.m. at the Orland Park Civic Center.  Time to clean all those seeds to ready them for distribution.


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