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Orland Grassland volunteer opportunities


The Weed Scout program is up and running. Weed Scouts adopt" an area, about ten acres, and walk through carefully looking for invasives likeBirdsfoot Trefoil, Reed Canary Grass, Purple Loosestrife, Phragmites, Teasel, Crown Vetch, White and Yellow Sweet Clover, Japanese Knotweed, Autumn Olive, Quaking Aspen and our newest challenge, Callery (Bradford) Pear.


Scouts schedule their own time but scouting walks should be weekly or every-other week during the growing season.  


Take a photo of the weed on your cell phone using the free iNaturalist app, and, presto, the weed is mapped and its location forwarded to volunteers, interns, and contractors so we can get to it a.s.a.p.  


See the map at right for available locations. The colored zones are taken.The white zones are available.We will add more zones as we recruit more scouts.

To join the Weed Scouts, e-mail Pat Hayes.

Weed Scout zones available
Weed Scouts
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