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The Prairie, Again


A visitor to Orland Grassland is transported back in time, to an age when only native plants and animals lived on the land. Restoration of this natural treasure is advancing every day, with stunningly beautiful results. You are invited to experience the immemorial prairie.

 rland Grassland

Orland Grassland is a very special place, a delightful surprise in the midst of a busy Chicago suburb. The grassland is a 960-acre Cook County Forest Preserves site, an Illinois Land and Water Reserve and an Important Bird Area—with a long and fascinating history.

The Vision

At Orland Grassland volunteers and professional advisers focus on restoration, preservation, and partnership. We are returning the prairie, wetland, shrubland, and savanna to vibrant good health, offering unique opportunities for observation, education, and compatible recreation.

Visit the Grassland

A five-mile paved, perimeter bike trail, entered from 167th St. just west of LaGrange Rd., meanders around the grassland. Natural footpaths in the interior, enable you to experience the grassland wilderness on foot.

Prepare for your visit here.

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